Aikeyha B.

Hi my name is Aikeyha B. I am 10 years old. I like G.L.A.M. because itís fun and we go on field trips. It helps you with school too. I go to Eagle Creek and I love to dance. I want to learn how to do ballet. I have a G.L.A.M. tutor and he helps me with Language Arts and Reading. I want to be on stage and sing and dance. I love to speak on the microphone because I'm very brave. I think everyone should support G.L.A.M.

Ariana J.

Hi my name is Ariana J. and I am 13 years old. I like to dance and cook with my sister. My 2 brothers and sister and I live with my mom. She got sick a few years ago and my brother and I had to take care of her. Since coming to G.L.A.M., my self-esteem has improved. Now that I'm in G.L.A.M, I don't have to be home schooled. When I was in school last year, kids use to call me ugly and dumb. I started to believe them. There would be days when I didn't want to go to school because kids were being mean to me, so I was home schooled. After I started coming to G.L.A.M. my self-esteem got better. Ms. Shanel helped that to happen. G.L.A.M. is a part of my life now. I would love to be a part of G.L.A.M. forever.

Charmaine N.

Hi my name is Charmaine N. I'm 18 years old and I attended Indianapolis Metropolitan High School. I hope to be a pediatric nurse someday. I will be the first in my family to graduate and go to college thanks to G.L.A.M and Ms. Shanel. I have one brother and one sister. My father has been away for 15 years. I grew up watching my mom be a single parent. It has recently been a struggle for us. We were without a home for 9 months. Losing everything we had just made me want to give up. I just wanted to quit, but G.L.A.M. changed everything for me when I met Ms. Shanel.

G.L.A.M provided me with food, clothes, tutoring, college prep, job etiquette, college tours, and field trips. We have former college students come and talk to us and tell us there stories. G.L.A.M provides so much of what we need. G.L.A.M even helped me get my driverís license. G.L.A.M has taught me to be strong. Even with all the pain in my life, I knew that when Saturday came that I could talk to someone about my problems and not be judge because of them.

G.L.A.M made it possible for me to go to Haiti and help others. G.L.A.M has changed the person I used to be to the person that I am striving to be. Being in G.L.A.M saved my life!


Deidra Coleman

GLAM (Guidance Lifeskills and Mentoring) is an awesome program that is making a huge difference with the young ladies in Indianapolis. Right at the potent intersections in their lives... trying to discover themselves and make good choices. Shanel is there at those pivotal points. I love the transparency of the program. Girls can share what's going on with them in a safe environment. Able to shed layers of fear, pain and distrust. I have witnessed th life changing affects GLAM has had on several young ladies that I've met within GLAM.

I also celebrate Shanel for sharing her life with the girls, making herself totally vulnerable so they can see an adult whose has one through some of same challenges and made it. It is so powerful and irreplaceable. These life experiences will stay with the young ladies for a lifetime. Cheers to GLAM.

Deidra Coleman
Director of Health and Wellness
Indianapolis Urban League

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Paula Patterson

We were told about GLAM by a mutual friend about 5 years ago. We were then introduced to Shanel Poole and asked about her program, GLAM. In which she was very informative, and very positive about. Ms. Poole explained how the program helped youn ladies with self esteem, conflict resolution, speaking, educational tutoring, motivation as well as spiritual awareness. When our daughter Taylor Patterson joined GLAM, she became more confident and a well informed young lady. She blossomed so by by being ablee to speak in front of large crowds, as well as exspressing her abilities for job readiness and resume writing. This has helper her in preparing for college at Indiana State University in which she will be a sophomore this fall. We love the program so much that our grandaughter and great-niece are also in the program. We Thanks and LOVE< LOVE< LOVE Ms Shanel Poole for helping, "Our Gorgeous Ladies Acting Maturely".

Mr Mark nad Mrs Paula Patterson


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